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Welcome to Tennis Esports, the virtual tennis application that combines the excitement of virtual reality tennis with the competition and fun of tennis. Play with real tennis swings, and immerse yourself in the ultimate world of virtual sports from virtually anywhere. Tennis Esports is as realistic as virtual sports gets, replicating all the spins and swings you can even enhance your experience with a VR Tennis handle! For beginner players wanting to give tennis a go, to amateur tennis fans and avid players, Tennis Esports is a fun and useful tool to learn and enjoy tennis at any level from your school, office or home! Build up your skills and compete in live matches, and climb the global rankings on the Tennis Esports Tour, challenge yourself with MirrorPlay©, or become addicted to the excitement of HitEmAll, our famous arcade tennis target game. With Tennis Esports you can play in a stadium, on any surface with a small or a big space. Get fit playing running mode against our AI opponents or enable voice chat with Instant and Custom match play. Set up your own player profile and create your own virtual tennis avatar where you can see your skills, unlock prizes and represent your country! Tennis Esports is for gamers, tennis players and sports fans of all ages. Join the Tennis Esports community on Discord to find players and keep up to date with competitions, find friends, opponents and win prizes!